The Truth Behind Forever


Sometimes, you just have to wonder.. Who the hell are we kidding? We all know that everything is fleeting.. People change, emotions fade and magical moments turned into nothing but dying embers of memories.. In the end we are all left in the wake, full of questions and uncertainties.. Grasping at straws, looking for clues of who carried the flaws.. At the back of our restless minds and ragged hearts we ask, is love really just transitory? Perhaps finding happiness is nothing but a myth or a story? Does happily ever after really fails? Are we really just poisoned by this all fairy tales? 


#changeschances #realitycheck #nothinglastforever

Judge Away…



A lot of people are raising their eyebrows when they saw what I have become.. They can not even hide those judgmental stares once they found out that I have two girls fathered by a different guy and a little boy on the way from another guy..

I can’t help but think what’s making them all itch? What the hell is so wrong with my life that they can’t help but gossip about me.. 

Yes, I have done a lot of mistakes and I am well aware that my life is a far cry from perfection but does that give them the right to impose that they are above me? And that I should have been more than what I am right now?

Well, let me see.. My eldest is one of the prettiest face you’ll ever get to see and her intelligence is something all mothers wanted their child to have.. My second little girl is quite a charmer and will never fail to amuse anyone she came across with.. My youngest boy is healthy and about to see the light in a few days.. I have been through miles of crowded hell but I finally found a guy who helped me pick up all the broken pieces of myself.. A guy who made me believe in love, in magic and in rainbows again..

Now please tell me if what I am right now is not what God wanted me to be? Or if I should endeavor for something more than this.. 

I don’t think so.. Judge all you want people.. All I can say is my life may not be perfect but I am blessed.. And that is something more than any of you can wish for..


Every single day, I am realizing how blessed my life has become.. I am no saint.. Through out the years I’ve had my fair share of mistakes and misdemeanors.. I have sinned against others and left a few broken hearts along the way.. But despite all of my blunders, God still grants me a second chance and gave me what other people are waiting for their whole life, love and family. To others I may seem unfit for all this good fortune, but in God’s eyes I am worthy.. And I will always honor that by treasuring everything that I have been blessed with..