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In a not so distant past, I was a firm believer of the fact that love is nothing  but a mundane thing that will cause me unfathomable pain. Truth of the matter is, I was nothing but a coward. I was merely afraid to love someone beyond what I could lose. I was holding back. I locked myself in this belief and made it the rock where I built my comfort zone. Then exactly 20 months ago, you came into my life. You showed me that it is alright to love and be afraid at the same time. You taught me that it is indeed hard to be a part of a relationship where two people are constantly changing but it is not wrong either to want to turn gray with someone than to grow old alone and lonely. You made me believe that loving is truly a pack of crazy fights and heartaches and long nights and messy arguments. But woven into this chaos are the sweet nothings, the hasty kisses, the bear hugs, little moments that make everything worthwhile. You showed me that being in love is being in a consistently evolving phase. Like not entirely being in the state of being. And above all this, you taught me to believe that despite all the complexities, it is okay to try to love, to love, to be foolishly in love and to always stay in love. Because in the end, all the pain that I incur will be worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT.