A Story of a Blessed Saturday Morning



Last Saturday, I decided to be frugal on my way to school (rough translation, I’m broke. LOL!). So I did not hail a cab or book an Uber or GrabCar, instead I rode jeep and then a trolley that goes through PNR’s tracks to get to PUP.

For the past year that I am studying in PUP, I got on several trolleys but most of the time I get to ride this man’s trolley. So even if I’m in a tight financial situation, I decided to give him a little credit. Fare is only 10php and I gave him 50php then I told him to keep the change. What gets me in awe is his reaction. His face really lights up. And he said. “Naku Ma’am salamat. Ang aga nyo namang biyaya.”

And then it hit me. A mere 40php is already a blessing to him when here I am with about a thousand bucks in my pocket and I already think I’m broke as hell. Don’t get me wrong, I am not gunning for a hero spot or anything like that. Its just that I watched him maneuver the trolley with 10 people in it. And believe me when I say I have never seen a man catching his breathe that hard whenever we stop or the trolley glides on its own. So I was thinking that he actually earned what I gave him.

I don’t know but I think what I wanted to point out is how much he enlighten me. That no matter how bad you think your situation is, someone is having a tougher time. So thats how I got the biggest bang for my buck. A lesson on how to be grateful for all that you have instead of thinking what you are missing, that sometimes it pays to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. All for 40php. 😊😊

#astoryofablessedSaturday #LoveWhatMatters