Penta :)


Perhaps, I will never see my name flashing in those bright lights,

But the way you utter my name with all those silly noise you make, sounds about right.

Perhaps the generations to come won’t recognize who I am or who I was,

But it is enough for me to know that you uncover the real me behind my mask.

Perhaps the wolf won’t long for me just as he howls for the moon,

But the way you stare at me lingers like it’s a long lost tune.

Perhaps no poet will write a sonnet for thee,

But the way you describe me, feels like a ballad already.

Perhaps, we will never be like Bonnie and Clyde

But who the hell cares, when I have you by my side?

Perhaps, the people will say that we are only temporary,

But I say, what matter is, I found YOU in the midst of all things transitory.

Perhaps, we are just another chapter in your story,

But believe me, in mine, you’re the best that I ever get to see.

Happy 5th Yummy. ❤

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