For that aim-for-the-moon, land-among-the-stars kind of girl.


Perhaps I am that girl.

The one who appears as if she got everything figured out.
The one who made it look as if life is nothing but a series
of adventures.
The one who showed the world that life was never easy but
it made sense, at least to her.

The hardest thing about being that girl is the world tend to
make example out of her.

Her struggles were more grueling.
Her problems beat her down the hardest.
Her heartbreaks shattered her whole being.
Life left her for the dead.

But still, she was that girl.

Wearing the perfect lipstick but with nails full of dirt from
digging her way out of her own grave.
Who stands straight in her 4-inch red stilettos but with a slight strain form her broken heart.
With the perfect mascarra, but eyes glossy with midnight

And she goes on.

Life is uncertain so she learned to be crazy.
Life is hard, so she decided to be soft.
Life is beautiful, so she taught herself to appreciate it.
Life is short, so she lived each moment significantly.
Life is a bitch, so she became a better one.

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